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Welcome to Cam Valley Orchards

The Villages of Melbourn and Meldreth have been associated with fruit growing for several centuries. At one time there were around 30 growers, many of whom grew the locally renowned Cambridge Greengages.

Cam Valley Orchards run four Orchard sites, which are the only surviving commercial orchards in the area.
The present owner Tim Elbourn is a fifth generation grower, the family having established their first Orchards in the area in 1864.P8100125

We specialise in growing a diverse range of Apples, Plums, Pears, Quinces and Cherries. Many of these are Heritage Varieties, some of which are yet to crop from newly planted Orchards.

At Cam Valley Orchards we feel that for Farm Shops, Farmers Markets and special Apple Day events to continue to flourish, the customers need to be offered fruit that is truly unique and very different from the usual supermarket selection. We also feel that we are able to offer value for money and by cutting out transport and packaging costs we can keep prices to the customer at a reasonable level. Lets look forward to a good future; variety is the spice of life!

25 Whitecroft Road, Meldreth,Royston, Hertfordshire. SG8 6ND Tel:01763 262906, 01763 262964, 07770 461685

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